Where to find delicious and Cheap Food

There is a big rumor around San Miguel, and it says that the restaurants are quite expensive. That could be true or not depending on who says it. However, there are several places where we can still find cheap meals. For foreigners, it could mean the “Real Mexican Food” experience, meanwhile, national visitors could enjoy…Read More→

Services and Costs in San Miguel

A colleague just asked me what are the correct prices (or fees) for services and activities in San Miguel, many people in San Miguel think that the services are truly expensive.And it is true! some services are quite expensive and it is very important to know the real amounts.For example, You wake up in the…Read More→

Safety in SMA

Do not become a Target Based on the official numbers and statistics, San Miguel is a safe place. But the most important is how you take care of yourself. It does not make a difference if you are in Paris, Tokyo, Atenas, or London, please do not bring trouble yourself.Some troubles we have in San…Read More→

High Heels in SMA

Wedding Tips: If you visit San Miguel de Allende for a Wedding, please make sure you do not wear high heels in the streets of San Miguel, there is cobblestone everywhere so you do not want to fall or have a foot sprain. A small recommendation is to use “Low Shoes” for the Ceremonies and…Read More→

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