Where to find delicious and Cheap Food

There is a big rumor around San Miguel, and it says that the restaurants are quite expensive. That could be true or not depending on who says it. However, there are several places where we can still find cheap meals. For foreigners, it could mean the “Real Mexican Food” experience, meanwhile, national visitors could enjoy the best places to eat.

Restaurants VS Inn (Fondita)

Some restaurants in town are incredible if we could calculate the recipes they provide with the nutritional contribution it has, we could say that the Restaurants are considered cheap. The price differences between a former restaurant and a little food place are minimal, the individual choice will be determined by personal preferences. Here is a small list and recommendations of places that you could visit. Personally, we cannot choose something that could be considered expensive. These recommendations are just examples and the responsibility relapses totally in the person who visits them.

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