Modern Mexiquito II Gem

Modern Mexiquito II Gem

Flat Walk to Downtown, Exceptional Value


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Price: $ 229,000 USD

Location: Mexiquito, San Miguel de Allende

ID: BMB100

This charming residence, nestled in the serene area of Mexiquito II, embodies the perfect blend of accessibility and natural beauty.

Just a 20-minute walk from the city center, the house proudly stands opposite a green area, offering a peaceful atmosphere and unique added value. Built with high-quality materials and recently remodeled with a contemporary-minimalist design, every space in this home radiates brightness and openness.

Its light-toned finishes and emotive decor create a cozy and stylish ambiance. The property features three bedrooms, two full bathrooms, and a half bath, along with a quaint garden and uncovered parking.

The highlight is the potential to add an upper terrace, promising partial city and mountain views, further enhancing its value.

Furnished with exquisite taste and impeccably maintained, this home is not just beautiful but also ‘Turnkey’, ready for occupancy.

  1. Beds: 3 🛌
  2. Baths: 2 1/2 🛀
  3. Balconies 🌄
  4. Views: Town and Mountains. 🏙
  5. Open Spaces ✔
  6. Fully Furnished 🪑
  7. Natural Light/ Skylights 🌞
  8. Garage 🚗
  9. 20 Minutes Walking Distance 🚶‍♂️
  10. Service Patio 🧺

The Dance of Time in San Miguel de Allende

In the heart of the enchanting San Miguel de Allende, time takes on a rhythm of its own, a dance that locals and newcomers alike must learn to step into. Meet Manuel, Luis, and Dean, each navigating this unique temporal ballet in their own way.

Manuel, a San Miguel native, sways through life with a nonchalant ease. He knows that punctuality often falls victim to the allure of a leisurely existence. To him, being fashionably late isn’t just a choice; it’s a tradition, an unspoken agreement that allows everyone to gracefully synchronize with the city’s laid-back heartbeat.

Then comes Luis, a transplant from the bustling precision of Mexico City. Accustomed to the metropolis’s unwavering punctuality, he finds himself in a cultural whirlwind where time doesn’t always follow the hands of the clock. While he often grumbles about tardiness, Luis learns to embrace the art of patience, accepting that schedules in San Miguel have a unique, fluid charm.

Dean, an American captivated by the town’s charm, experiences a different tune. Accustomed to a world where “soon” means immediate and promises are carved in stone, he finds himself caught in the gentle undertow of San Miguel’s temporal river. His frustration grows as deadlines stretch into elongated timelines, and the once-foreign concept of “Mexican time” becomes a daily challenge.

But what advice can old-timer Bill offer? To those running on local time, Bill extends a plea: “The town has evolved, and with it, so should our approach to time. Let’s be considerate of others, for it’s not about being late; it’s about respecting each other’s moments.”

And to the newcomers, Bill whispers a reminder: “Don’t let time rob you of the joy this city has to offer. Embrace the cultural cadence, communicate your expectations clearly, and let patience be your guide. In San Miguel, time may waltz, but the experiences are a tango of a lifetime.”


So, as the sun sets over the cobblestone streets, locals and newcomers continue their dance with time. The key, it seems, is finding harmony in the city’s unique tempo, where every tick of the clock tells a story of a place where life is meant to be savored rather than rushed.

"Timing in San Miguel de Allende: A Cultural Tapestry of Punctuality"

San Miguel de Allende, a city renowned for its vibrant culture and historic charm, also presents a unique perspective on time and punctuality, distinct from other parts of Mexico and, certainly, from the United States.

Manuel’s story is a classic example of local customs. Arriving ‘on time’ for social events in San Miguel often means being the first and only one for a while. This cultural norm of being fashionably late even extends to professional engagements, sometimes leading to frustration for those unaccustomed to this pace, like Luis from Mexico City and Dean from the U.S.

Luis, accustomed to the punctual rhythm of Mexico City, initially found the laid-back timing in San Miguel challenging. He eventually adapted, understanding the cultural difference as not a sign of disrespect but a local custom.

Dean’s experience, however, highlights a deeper struggle. His expectation of punctuality, deeply rooted in American culture, clashed with the local norm, leading to frustration and confusion. Dean’s dilemma is common among expatriates who find the ‘mañana’ approach at odds with their own cultural norms.

Advice to the Locals:

  • Respect for Time: While cultural habits are deeply ingrained, evolving with the times and showing respect for others’ schedules is important. Being punctual is not just about time; it’s about respecting others’ commitments and promises.

Advice to Expatriates:

  • Cultural Adaptation: Understanding and adapting to the local timing culture is key. It’s not about lowering standards but about embracing a different perspective on time.
  • Setting Boundaries: Clearly communicate your time expectations. Establishing and respecting boundaries can lead to a harmonious coexistence.
  • Patience and Perspective: Remember, the local approach to time is not about dishonesty; it’s a cultural trait shaped by historical and societal factors.

In conclusion, San Miguel de Allende’s approach to timing is a dance of historical and cultural influences. For locals and foreigners alike, understanding and respecting these differences can lead to a more harmonious and enriching experience in this beautiful city.

Following – After Sale

At BMB, we redefine the real estate experience by extending our commitment beyond the point of sale. We understand that purchasing property, especially in a new and culturally diverse setting like San Miguel de Allende, is just the beginning of your journey.

Our “Following – After Sale” service is tailored to ensure that you, our valued client, are not just left with the keys but are fully supported as you transition into your new home and community. Our approach is rooted in our deep understanding of the local landscape, laws, and lifestyle, honed over 21 years of dedicated service.

What We Offer:

  • Utility Management: We assist you in transferring utility bills (electricity, water, gas) into your name, ensuring a seamless transition.
  • Local Orientation: Our team provides guidance on local rules, regulations, and best practices to help you acclimate to your new surroundings.
  • Resource Connection: Need a trusted plumber, electrician, or landscaper? We connect you with reliable local services.
  • Legal Assistance: Navigating local laws can be daunting. We offer support in understanding and complying with local regulations.
  • Ongoing Support: Questions or concerns? We’re just a call away. Our commitment to you is long-term.

In a market where agents often step back after the sale, we stand by you, offering continuous support. It’s not just about making a sale; it’s about forging a lasting relationship built on trust, integrity, and unparalleled service.

Servicio “Seguimiento – Postventa”

En [Su Firma Inmobiliaria], redefinimos la experiencia inmobiliaria extendiendo nuestro compromiso más allá del punto de venta. Entendemos que la compra de una propiedad, especialmente en un entorno nuevo y culturalmente diverso como San Miguel de Allende, es solo el comienzo de su viaje.

Nuestro servicio “Seguimiento – Postventa” está diseñado para asegurar que usted, nuestro valioso cliente, no solo reciba las llaves, sino que también reciba todo el apoyo necesario en su transición a su nuevo hogar y comunidad. Nuestro enfoque se basa en nuestra profunda comprensión del paisaje, las leyes y el estilo de vida locales, perfeccionados a lo largo de 21 años de servicio dedicado.

Lo que Ofrecemos:

  • Gestión de Servicios Públicos: Le ayudamos a transferir las facturas de servicios (electricidad, agua, gas) a su nombre, asegurando una transición sin problemas.
  • Orientación Local: Nuestro equipo proporciona orientación sobre las reglas, regulaciones y mejores prácticas locales para ayudarlo a aclimatarse a su nuevo entorno.
  • Conexión con Recursos: ¿Necesita un plomero, electricista o jardinero de confianza? Lo conectamos con servicios locales confiables.
  • Asistencia Legal: Navegar por las leyes locales puede ser abrumador. Ofrecemos apoyo para comprender y cumplir con las regulaciones locales.
  • Apoyo Continuo: ¿Preguntas o inquietudes? Estamos a solo una llamada de distancia. Nuestro compromiso con usted es a largo plazo.

En un mercado donde los agentes a menudo se retiran después de la venta, nosotros permanecemos a su lado, ofreciendo apoyo continuo. No se trata solo de realizar una venta; se trata de forjar una relación duradera basada en la confianza, la integridad y un servicio sin igual.


Transparent and Informed Real Estate Transactions

At BMB, our approach to property closings is anchored in honesty and comprehensive guidance. While the real estate agents and brokers, including ourselves, play a crucial role in preparing for the transaction, it’s essential for our clients to understand the unique legal framework in Mexico.

Key Aspects of the Closing Process:

  • Public Notary’s Role: In Mexico, only a public notary is legally authorized to conduct real estate transactions. They perform tasks like commercial appraisal, title deed research, domain transfer, tax calculations, and handling city and state taxes.
  • Our Expertise: Although we are not public notaries, our extensive experience and knowledge of the procedures parallel those of a notary. We ensure you understand every step of the process.
  • Collaboration with Notaries: We maintain strong relationships with the most skilled public notaries in San Miguel de Allende, ensuring your transaction is in capable hands.
  • Double-Checking for Your Interest: Our team goes the extra mile in reviewing all aspects of the closing process, safeguarding your interests.

Unlike in the USA, where various professionals collaboratively handle different aspects of the process, in Mexico, the public notary’s role is comprehensive and central. We pride ourselves on our clear, transparent communication, ensuring you are well-informed and confident in every decision.

Cierres” – Transacciones Inmobiliarias Transparentes e Informadas

En BMB, nuestro enfoque para los cierres de propiedades se basa en la honestidad y la orientación integral. Aunque los agentes y corredores inmobiliarios, incluidos nosotros, juegan un papel crucial en la preparación de la transacción, es esencial que nuestros clientes comprendan el marco legal único de México.

Aspectos Clave del Proceso de Cierre:

  • Rol del Notario Público: En México, solo un notario público está legalmente autorizado para realizar transacciones inmobiliarias. Realizan tareas como la tasación comercial, investigación de escrituras, transferencia de dominio, cálculos de impuestos y manejo de impuestos municipales y estatales.
  • Nuestra Experiencia: Aunque no somos notarios públicos, nuestra amplia experiencia y conocimiento de los procedimientos son paralelos a los de un notario. Nos aseguramos de que comprenda cada paso del proceso.
  • Colaboración con Notarios: Mantenemos relaciones sólidas con los notarios públicos más capacitados en San Miguel de Allende, asegurando que su transacción esté en manos capaces.
  • Verificación Doble por Su Interés: Nuestro equipo hace un esfuerzo adicional en revisar todos los aspectos del proceso de cierre, salvaguardando sus intereses.

A diferencia de EE. UU., donde varios profesionales manejan de manera colaborativa diferentes aspectos del proceso, en México, el rol del notario público es integral y central. Nos enorgullecemos de nuestra comunicación clara y transparente, asegurando que esté bien informado y confiado en cada decisión.


Escrow Services” at BMB Consulting

Understanding Escrow: Escrow is a financial arrangement where a third party securely holds and regulates the payment of funds required for two parties involved in a transaction. It’s like a safety net, ensuring that both the buyer and seller are protected during the transaction process.

Why Escrow?

  • Security: Escrow protects both buyers and sellers by holding the funds until all parts of the agreement are met.
  • Transparency: It provides a clear, accountable process for the transfer of ownership and funds.
  • Trust: Reduces risk and builds trust between parties, especially important in international transactions.

Our Escrow Advice Services at BMB Consulting:

  • Experience: We have been utilizing escrow services for over 14 years, even before they became commonly available in Mexico.
  • Optional but Advised: While not legally required in Mexico, we highly recommend escrow for additional security. We provide legal advice to ensure smooth operations.
  • Parallel Working: We work alongside escrow companies and public notaries to safeguard both buyer and seller interests.
  • Fees: Escrow fees vary depending on the transaction but are always transparent and agreed upon upfront.
  • Complete Protection: Our approach ensures 100% protection for all parties, throughout the transaction.

Why Choose BMB Consulting for Escrow Supervising? With our expertise and longstanding practice, BMB Consulting is uniquely positioned to facilitate escrow services with the support of selected Escrow companies. We provide clarity and support, ensuring your real estate transaction is secure, transparent, and smoothly executed.

Servicios de Escrow en BMB Consulting

Entendiendo el Escrow: El Escrow es un arreglo financiero donde una tercera parte mantiene y regula de manera segura el pago de los fondos requeridos para dos partes involucradas en una transacción. Es como una red de seguridad, asegurando que tanto el comprador como el vendedor estén protegidos durante el proceso de transacción.

¿Por Qué Escrow?

  • Seguridad: El Escrow protege tanto a compradores como a vendedores manteniendo los fondos hasta que se cumplan todas las partes del acuerdo.
  • Transparencia: Proporciona un proceso claro y responsable para la transferencia de propiedad y fondos.
  • Confianza: Reduce el riesgo y genera confianza entre las partes, especialmente importante en transacciones internacionales.

Nuestros Servicios de Supervision de Escrow en BMB Consulting:

  • Experiencia: Hemos estado utilizando servicios de Escrow durante más de 14 años, incluso antes de que estuvieran comúnmente disponibles en México.
  • Opcional pero Aconsejable: Aunque no es legalmente requerido en México, recomendamos altamente el Escrow para seguridad adicional. Proporcionamos asesoramiento legal para asegurar operaciones fluidas.
  • Trabajo Paralelo: Trabajamos junto a empresas de Escrow y notarios públicos para proteger los intereses de compradores y vendedores.
  • Tarifas: Las tarifas de Escrow varían según la transacción, pero siempre son transparentes y acordadas de antemano.
  • Protección Completa: Nuestro enfoque asegura una protección del 100% para todas las partes, a lo largo de la transacción.

¿Por Qué Elegir BMB Consulting para supervisar Escrow? Con nuestra experiencia y práctica de larga data, BMB Consulting está en una posición única para facilitar servicios de Escrow a traves de empresas seleccionadas. Brindamos claridad y apoyo, asegurando que su transacción inmobiliaria sea segura, transparente y ejecutada sin problemas.

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