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The Dance of Time in San Miguel de Allende

In the heart of the enchanting San Miguel de Allende, time takes on a rhythm of its own, a dance..

Following – After Sale

At BMB, we redefine the real estate experience by extending our commitment beyond the point of sale. We understand that..


Transparent and Informed Real Estate Transactions At BMB, our approach to property closings is anchored in honesty and comprehensive guidance…


Escrow Services” at BMB Consulting Understanding Escrow: Escrow is a financial arrangement where a third party securely holds and regulates..

Real Estate Purchase Guide

Introduction Notice: This Guide is just a recommendation, only a simple and hypithetical example, the real transactions could include way..

Dynamic Websites

A personalized design for every house, including exclusive elements.


San Miguel’s Real Estate Statistics.

3D Photography / Viewports

Under development. The most advanced technology for 3D tours.

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