What is AMPI

AMPI is the Mexican Realtor Professional Association, the most qualified Realtors, Brokers, and Agents in San Miguel.

Similar to “REALTOR” in the United States, AMPI is the Real Estate association confirmed by the most reliable real estate companies. AMPI brokers also belong to REALTOR as a strategic partnership between the two associations. The main goal is to provide the client with the most qualified tools, knowledge, and support of the most prestigious associations.

AMPI associates in San Miguel de Allende have different rigorous requirements to become members, the most important is the “State Certification”, which is equivalent to the Real Estate License in the States, which is managed by the government through additional requirements to qualify every through evidence and theoretical exams.

AMPI also is a large local and national networking system that allows all the members to work parallel with other agents and cities in Mexico. This helps bring the realtors new and exclusive tools to promote the properties all around Mexico, helping find the correct client for every operation.

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