Services and Costs in San Miguel

A colleague just asked me what are the correct prices (or fees) for services and activities in San Miguel, many people in San Miguel think that the services are truly expensive.

And it is true! some services are quite expensive and it is very important to know the real amounts.

For example, You wake up in the morning and notice that your sink has a leak. Different plumbers can be hired and the prices will go from affordable to insane. How to choose the correct one?

Well, the wise choice will be advised by your realtor. Please ask them for a list of prices or advice for an individual occasion.

Expensive vs Wise

Sometimes an expensive service is worth it, in the previous example, if you hire an experienced plumber who may charge you a big amount, will also make you save tons of money. How? Well, let’s think that the plumber is very experienced and solves the problem (1.) Fast and precise, with high-quality tools and replacements; and the job is so immaculate that your sink does not gets broken again (2.).

However, if you hire an expensive service but without experience, or if you hire a “cheap” service and the quality and knowledge are so poor; it is possible that your sink breaks very soon and you will be in a loop paying more and more every time.
So a good reference from your Realtor will protect your economy. It is used by a great Realtor to provide this reference as a courtesy.

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